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"Our business was close to failing when George from SALT contacted us.

It was obvious from the first meeting that they could help, but hard to believe that they could make enough of a difference in time. But they did. They believed in us.

Not only did they help us to survive, they helped us to create a much stronger business that works better than ever and is still growing thanks to their help.

They are always the first people that I will call for advice and have never failed to be anything other than completely honest."

Business Owner,
Construction Company

Who we help

Owner-Operated businesses

We understand that being an owner-operator can be tough, oftentimes you can be so busy that just staying afloat can be overwhelming. We can help, we have helped numerous owner-operators turnaround their businesses that were facing collapse, into thriving, profitable ventures. If you are struggling, get in touch.

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Firms that sell into construction projects

If you give a team the ability to intelligently and continuously generate more qualified leads than the company could possibly fulfil, you start to have the basis for consistent positive increased revenue and profit growth.

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Professional Service firms

If your company provides professional services, we can help you in a number of areas eg: Time Management, Professional Confidence and Sales Training.

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Is Your Business Struggling?

Approximately 48% of new UK businesses fail within their first 2 years and 96-98% will fail within 10 years.

All is not lost, we are here to help you turn things around!

If you want help from a company which has a proven and demonstrable track record in turning around seemingly lost causes, who've helped hundreds of business owners (from sole traders to investor backed enterprises) achieve the success that their ideas, investment and hard work deserves, you need to talk to us.

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Do you want to grow your business?

If you are doing things the same way as two years ago, you are almost certainly doing them wrong.
John Harvey-Jones

We can help you assess all aspects of your buiness, to identify weaknesses or opportunities for growth. We give you the tools to achieve your goals, and produce quantifiable results.

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Diagnose... Resolve... Optimise

In order to help your business we adopt a simple, straight-forward 3 step approach. Diagnose, Resolve and Optimise.


We collaberate with you until we both understand the situation completely.


A worthwhile goal desrves a real solution that fits exactly.


Completing the process, and making it stick.

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