The Fundamentals of True Professional Confidence

Confidence is essential for interacting with customers and prospective customers.

Confidence is a quality that prospective customers look for in order to trust the information that is being given to them. When it is present, customers feel able to trust you enough to commit to taking action.

The Folly of False Confidence

For confidence to be solid and unshakeable, and therefore engender trust, it must have a sound basis.

Confidence that is faked or part of a ‘salesman’s act’ normally doesn’t stand up to too much scrutiny before it starts to evaporate along with any trust, credibility and potential revenue.

True Confidence

True confidence must be based on high levels of competency i n the main areas that a customer-facing professional’s performance depends on. Excellence in one or several of these areas is not enough to create true confidence, as the remaining areas of weakness always hold the potential to undermine trust.

True confidence comes from eliminating weaknesses and blind spots in every area.

True confidence differs from the all-too-common ‘bluster’, ‘force of personality’ or overt displays of out-of- control ego that are typically presented as confidence. True confidence can be presented as softly spoken, demonstrative, attentive, informative, interactive and respectful and will still hold the attention of prospective customers, with far greater results.

This approach does not need present a false front, as it has a solid foundation based on true and complete competence in the areas that support or undermine it.

SALT’s unique programme helps you to identify the 5 key areas that support true professional confidence and highlight areas of opportunity for each individual to build the foundations of unshakeable professional confidence.

You will gain a further commercial edge from understanding your organisation’s role in supporting and nurturing a truly confident and effective workforce.

Who is it for?

SALT’s confidence workshops and in-house programmes have helped processionals from a wide variety of industries and business sizes.

The concept and methodology, like many of our solutions are unique to our consultancy and have been created as a result been created as a result of our extensive work with organisations since 2009.

The model works for any client-facing profession.

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