Business Planning

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions and half-arsed plans."

Business planning is the act of creating your complete business on paper, before you create it in real life, with all of the costs, challenges and disappointments that make up the harsh reality of trading in competitive business environments.

The Importance of Business Planning

The single most common cause of business failure is from failing to adequately plan before launching. Businesses that have been established for years can often find themselves in uncharted territory and wondering what to do next and how to respond to changing market conditions.

Planning your business can save you thousands of pounds in lost income, unnecessary costs, false solutions, debts and the ultimate cost of the business failing.

The stress, worry and shame that accompany running a failing business is entirely avoidable and can be reversed very quickly with a clear, logical, purposeful and achievable plan.

“Fail to Plan is Planning To Fail” Benjamin Franklin

“Proper Planning and Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” British army mantra

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The planning stage is where misconceptions, assumptions, problems, costs and challenges can be identified and solved. Evidence to support the business concept can also be gathered and analysed.

With so many businesses ‘winging it’ and struggling, those who have defined their most successful processes and strategies have much more control over their success. A good plan, well executed can put success beyond doubt.

What we Deliver

The SALT Business Growth Consultancy can support you to plan your business and ensure that it has every chance of delivering the success that it deserves.

Our Business Growth Programme starts with the creation of your complete business plan and works with you to put it into action with the support of our team of specialists.

“You can do irrefutably impossible things with the right amount of planning and support from intelligent and hardworking people and pizza” Scott M Gimple

Download our guide to effective business planning Business Plans – Write Your Script Before You Have to Perform It.

"George has been instrumental in helping me to construct a business plan around my book and opened me up to possibilities that I was totally unaware of. His expertise and professionalism is second to none and this is all delivered with a genuine enthusiasm that is highly infectious. There is a mix of pragmatism and inspiration which allows for a deeper understanding of any challenge that may present itself.

George is a champion that you really want in your corner!

Carrie Brooks,
Life Coach

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