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What we Deliver

Interim Sales Management

Interim Sales management is delivered to our clients by highly experienced sales leaders who have achieved the highest level of recognition and advancement within a broad range of industries.

If your sales team needs leadership for a short period or if you require additional support for existing sales managers, we can offer comprehensive solutions that will provide ongoing benefits to your team long after your requirement has been satisfied.

SALT sales leaders integrate as part of your team to help deliver improved results almost immediately. We can also deliver ongoing training, coaching and mentoring for your sales team.

The Anatomy Of A Sale© Total Business Development Improvement Programme

The Anatomy Of A Sale is our flagship sales improvement programme that works with the complete sales cycle to improve performance in every activity and every discipline, resulting in real exponential sales growth.

Delivered as a comprehensive and tailored in-sourced programme, it responds to the needs of the business as well as its sales force and builds the necessary o ngoing capability to deliver the best possible sales results.

This is achieved by improving essential skills, activities and performance in up to 9 different measurable areas of the professional consultative sales cycle.

By tackling each stage of the sales cycle and the disciplines required for successful results, the improvements can really stack up, resulting in higher success metrics through the whole sales cycle.

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