The SALT Business Growth Programme

Create a Stable and Cash-Rich Business in just 7 Steps

This is SALT’s unique programme that addresses the 7 functional areas of a business that have the most effect on the business’s ability to reach its true potential.

Essential Foundation Stages

Outward Market Projection

Automation and Amplification

Protection — The Often Neglected Business Area

When a successful and profitable business has been created, it is sensible to seek to fully protect it.

Ignoring this crucial step results in higher costs and risks of situations that can threaten the business’s survival.

Solid Foundations Feeding Best Practice and Innovation

Each stage feeds higher levels of performance into the next. This connection is where much of the effectiveness comes from. We aim to achieve an efficient, high performing, stable and cash-rich structure as standard.

Each stage combines best-practice with the latest methods and innovative thinking.

The results are consequently more ingrained, sustainable and magnified due to this cumulative approach.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is so effective that its delivery can be adapted and applied universally to organisations of any size or stage of their development:

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